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5 Ways To Go Green
Posted on May 3rd, 2008

Earth Speaks

f we really want to care for our planet, we need to consume fewer resources and stop producing so much waste. If we each cut waste by only 5 percent, we could collectively eliminate more than 20 billion pounds of trash every year! With so many companies becoming environmentally conscious, more and more products are being made that are friendly for the environment and cut down on waste. Here, we’ve listed a few easy ways to “go green” and do it in style!

1. Use What’s Already Here Why go out and buy something new, when we already have a ton of awesome products ready and waiting to be reinvented! Don’t throw out that old T Shirt, or those jeans with the frayed hem! With a little creativity, you can easily reinvent your threads to get the most out of everything. Not sure how? Check out our DIY section which features plenty of ideas and easy to follow instructions to recreate your wardrobe! If you still feel the need to hit the stores – shop vintage! Vintage and thrift stores are everywhere and you can find some really unique and amazing pieces at prices that are friendly to your wallet.

Levi's Eco

2. Shop Green When you do head out to buy something new, shop for eco friendly attire. Many manufacturers are making clothing and accessories from organic or recycled materials. The Gap now offers a line of unbleached, organic cotton men’s t-shirts. For women, Under The Canopy carries a line of stylish apparel and home accessories made of organic and natural fabrics. Looking for something with more personality? Turk+Taylor makes unique graphic tees for men and women. Also try Levi’s Eco jeans (recognizable by a lowercase “e” stitched in green). Other Earth friendly fashions can be found at and

3. Paper or Plastic? Neither! Bring your own bags to the store. 1 out of every 11 dollars spent in the stores goes toward packaging. Cut these costs, and the extra waste, by tucking your purchases into a reusable bag!

4. Nourish Yourself Naturally Organic bath and body products are nothing new, but now there’s a wider variety of options to choose from when you and your body need to indulge. Try Elayne’s Garden and Bath by Bettijo.

Elayne's GardenBath by Bettijo

5. Get an ECP Maximize your green efforts throughout all areas of your life! Visit EarthLab to develop your own Earth Conservation Plan. It only takes 3 minutes to get your ECP score and see how your score compares with your town, state and even the country. Your individual score is based on how you consume resources at home, work, commuting, travel, and lifestyle. Then, check out your personal Earth Conservation Plan to find out how you can improve your habits!


I like this go green tips. Very useful

Comment by Nedelin — June 4, 2008 @ 1:33 am

Yay!! Go Green! I love these environementally friendly tips!

Comment by Shalon — June 19, 2008 @ 7:06 pm

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