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Back to School Fashions: 5 Key Styles
Posted on August 13th, 2008

t’s time to face the fact: those three glorious months of freedom are almost over. Summer is coming to an end and soon you’ll be back in class; taking notes, doing homework, and battling pop quizzes. Have I bummed you out yet? Well, don’t get too depressed- going back to school doesn’t have to be a total drag. It’s also time to hit the stores and find some cool new clothes to express your style. We’ve decided to give you a helping hand by putting together some back to school fashions that will have you walking the halls in style!

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School House Rock

Option 1

Who says you can’t have a little bad attitude in school? Rock the halls in this edgy skull shield graphic tee and funky plaid skinnys. Throw on this herringbone hoodie before you head out the door and don’t forget that classic pair of Converse sneakers- a staple for every rocker’s closet.

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Option 2

Feel like grabbing some attention this year? Stroll into school like a rock star in this awesome screenprint grommet dress and jeweled metallic leather flats. If you’re not into showing so much leg, layer the dress over a pair of basic black leggings, and don’t forget this velvet dagger hoodie!

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Preppy in Pink

Option 1

This sparkle elbow sleeve polo reaches a whole new level of cute when paired with these low-rise wide leg sailor pants (in khaki). Top it off with this pink cap sleeve cardigan and clean-cut mules and you’ll be ready to learn in style.

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Option 2

This pink ruffled puff sleeve blouse combined with this floor length denim skirt puts a sweet spin on two classic pieces. Slip on this pair of colorful plaid pumps and make those boys’ heads turn!

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Class President

Option 1

Just because you’re a serious student doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous as well. Layer a vest over this fitted blouse with tie accent. Pair them with these black wide leg pants, and adorable houndstooth heels for a truly impressive ensemble.

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Option 2

Pair this ruffled blouse with this sleek and sexy satin trimmed pencil skirt. Finish the look with this classy blazer and patent leather peep toe pumps – sophistication never looked so good!

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Fashion Diva

Option 1

When you step into class with this ruffle babydoll top, daredevil skinny jeans and eye-catching red patent leather stilettos, everyone will see you for the teen fashion queen you are. Throw on this flared hem trench with wide red belt before you leave your house if you really want to make a grand entrance.

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Option 2

You know you’re hot, it’s time to show ’em what you got. Combine this purple keyhole turtleneck tee with this faded denim mini skirt, lace up these alluring booties and throw on this leather trimmed crop jacket and you’ll have those fellas running wild.

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Sporty Siren

Option 1

Since you’re stuck sitting at a desk all day, you might as well be comfortable in a cool pair of yoga pants. Pair it with a lightweight hooded shirt layered over a soft tank and slip on some Vans – just don’t get too relaxed or you might fall asleep in class!

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Option 2

The cool graphic design makes this roomy pair of cargos a unique find. Plus there are plenty of pockets to hold something to snack on between classes – double score! Match it up with this snap-cuff long sleeve tee and orange triple Velcro sneaker.

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