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Project Runway 5 – Episode 10
Posted on September 20th, 2008


The Challenge

The final six designers were greeted by recent college graduates- and their moms. The challenge was to create a makeover look for the grads’ transition into their chosen careers.

The Design Room

Surprisingly, drama was hard to find in the design room this week. Perhaps the designers had their hands too full to be caddy, or maybe the presence of mother-daughter pairs brought about some civility. Of course the episode wouldn’t be complete without Kenley trashing other designers, and unfailingly she delivered.

Unimpressed by the other designers’ projects, she expressed her (over)confidence in her own design, which is becoming something of a tradition. Like I said, drama was scarce in the design room, but Kenley wasted no time badmouthing Suede’s design aesthetic back at the apartment, saying that he couldn’t translate his aesthetic appropriately and flat out calling him a bad designer. Ironic coming from someone who’s done a 50’s dress for every challenge.

The Runway

Paired with a client who shared her identical style, Kenley had it easy in this challenge and didn’t hesitate to whip up her signature vintage dress (surprise surprise). She also didn’t hesitate to laugh aloud while Joe received critique from the judges; I guess such a great designer can afford to be rude and immature. Korto designed an edgy yet tailored jacket for her client and was able to successfully interpret her client’s preferences to create a young and professional look.

Project Runway 5 - Episode 10
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Suede and Leanne both met their downfall with jackets that just weren’t suitable for the client or the challenge. Suede’s bell-sleeved jacket looked too dated and not youthful; while the dress hiding beneath it was a much better design. Leanne’s boxy jacket was very unflattering and made her grad look old and frumpy. The dress underneath was an improvement, but still not quite age appropriate.

Project Runway 5 - Episode 10

The Elimination

Winner for the second week in a row, Jerell’s look was perfect for his client. It was professional and sophisticated, but still young and fashion forward.

Poor Joe was way off on this challenge. He took a young, edgy graphic designer and turned her into a 50-something attorney. I think he took the concept of “professional” too literally, and didn’t pay enough attention to the career field of his client, or her personal style. This misjudgment cost him his shot at Bryant Park, as Heidi bid him “Outsy Daisy”.

Project Runway 5 - Episode 10

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