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Project Runway 5 – Episode 13
Posted on October 10th, 2008

Finale 1

The Challenge

In an effort to add more drama and unpredictability, the producers sent the designers home to design their collections – but with an added challenge. Heidi tells the final four that they must design a wedding gown that fits the theme of their collection. The dress will decide which three designers get to compete at Bryant Park.

The Design Room

The designers bid farewell to one another- minus Kenley, who actually blames the group for “sabotaging” her after last week’s challenge and left without a word.

Tim made his rounds, visiting each designer at their home to view their collections in progress, and meet their family and friends. While we got to see snippets of each person’s collections, it was hard to get a good look at any of the pieces. But I have to say, the best part of it all was Tim Gunn riding a tandem bike with Leanne – enough said.

Project Runway 5 - Episode 13
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When the designers reunited in NYC, they were hit with yet another challenge: to design a bridesmaid dress to accompany the wedding dress on the runway. My heart went out to the designers, who thought they had seen their last challenge, but unexpected bombardment is a regular occurrence in the industry.

Despite Kenley’s [fake] apology at the hotel, she slipped right back into her old self. She was quick to complain that Korto and Leanne copied her by making short bridesmaid dresses, when they actually made the decision based on Tim’s advice.

The Runway

Leanne was able to take Tim’s comments about her overly structured wedding dress and use them to completely redo her design. She showed that she’s not married to her designs and when given a second perspective, she was able to create a final design that was far superior and much more successful. Her bridesmaid dress was beautiful as well: soft and romantic, with her distinct architectural signature.

Project Runway 5 - Episode 13

Kenley’s feathery wedding gown was beautiful, well constructed, and certainly expressed her aesthetic. The judges pointed out that the silhouette was strikingly similar to a dress from Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2008 collection. Of course, Kenley refuted that there is “no silhouette like that”, but then again she doesn’t follow collections so she thinks her design is original. The judges also praised her bridesmaid dress, but I really didn’t think it was anything special.

Project Runway 5 - Episode 13

Unfortunately, Korto’s wedding dress was covered with too much details, which was unflattering. In an effort to show meticulous pleated details, she just went too far. Her bridesmaid dress was also a let-down, being not detailed enough; and seemed unrelated to her wedding gown.

Project Runway 5 - Episode 13

The Elimination

Based on what they saw, the designers decided that Jerell wasn’t fit to compete at Bryant Park, meaning that we’ll see the three girls at the tents next week. Shocked, I have to wonder if they even consider designers’ past performances – like the fact that Jerell has won three challenges this season! I agree that his wedding dress was over-embellished with beads, but the judges didn’t like his bridesmaid dress either. I didn’t have a problem with it, and I really like the color palette he used. Oh well, what can we do?

Project Runway 5 - Episode 13

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