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Sex and the City: the Movie
Posted on June 8th, 2008
Fashion Scoop

hen people started to see Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and “Mr. Big” (Chris Noth) around NYC filming the Sex and the City movie, the anticipation began: about the actors, the plot, and of course the fashions! Now that the movie is here, I just have to throw in my “2 sense”!

Just like in the TV series, there are always some outfits that I absolutely love, and others that totally belong in the “What Were They Thinking?” category. Unfortunately, the first outfit Carrie appears in falls into the later. While the on-screen 20 something’s “oohed” and “ahhed” at Carrie’s ensemble – I “ewwwed” it. Don’t get me wrong, the vintage jersey dress is gorgeous, and fits like a dream. But save that oversized flower for the runway!

Sex and the City - Fashion Scoop 1

It’s obvious that “unpractical, yet fabulous” is an ongoing scheme that much of the show’s allure is based on, but am I really supposed to believe that Carrie Bradshaw wears that string of pearls to bed? And when the gals get together, dressed to the nines to help Carrie pack her apartment, I was like “Give me a break”.

Sex and the City - Fashion Scoop 2

Some great moments in the film include Carrie’s private fashion show as she cleans out “the worst of the 80’s” from her closet, which is something we all can relate to. I also enjoyed the girls’ tropical wardrobes seen during their Mexican getaway, as well as seeing cameos of classic outfits from the series; including Carrie’s fur coat and the tutu dress seen in the show’s opening credits.

Sex and the City - Fashion Scoop 3

And it just wouldn’t be Sex and the City without some scary fashion moments. Like when we see Carrie typing at her laptop wearing something that can only be described as Muppet fur, or when she chooses to perch a bird on her head for her wedding day (A move which even the characters poke fun at later in the movie). In a scene where Carrie, dressed in a black leather/fur getup, helps Miranda search for a Halloween costume, I momentarily thought that Carrie was already wearing her costume. And the entire audience drew a collective breath as Carrie pulls a large Louis Vuitton box from under her bed and hands it to her young, label-renting assistant as a Christmas gift (more on label-renting later). But instead of revealing one of Vuitton’s many gorgeous pieces, the lid is removed to find the awkward oddball Firebird clutch that looks like something designed by Fisher-Price. Certainly not a gift I would give to anyone that I actually like.

Sex and the City - Fashion Scoop 4

Now, back to label-renting; if I didn’t already love Carrie’s assistant Louise (Jennifer Hudson) for helping Carrie reorganize her life, I definitely have to love her for introducing me to the world of Bag Borrow or Steal. Summed up as “Like Netflix, but for purses”, is a place where those of us who can’t afford to purchase the real thing, can go to rent authentic designer merchandise from handbags, to jewelry, sunglasses and more! You can even rent items seen in Sex and the City like the Eiffel Tower purse Carrie flaunts while apartment searching with Big (already a hot must-have). Check it out – the label fiend inside of you will love it!

Sex and the City - Fashion Scoop 5

While I adore select outfits from each of the girls throughout the film, my favorite fashion picks have to go to Charlotte (Kristen Davis). Her ensembles are always the right blend of sweet, sexy, and chic – even in maternity clothes! I especially love the gown she wore to Carrie’s wedding. Although surprised that it was black, given Charlotte’s cheery personality, I quickly got over the color and fell in love with the stunning ruffle covered trumpet silhouette. Even in the TV series, her style was always consistently adorable and the most realistic and wearable of the foursome.

Sex and the City - Fashion Scoop 6

Want to see more SATC fashion? Take a look at the pics below to see the outfits I love, along with the ones I love to hate.

Love It

Here’s some pics of the lovely ladies looking fabulous!

Sex and the City - Love It

Love to Hate It

I know most of these are of Sarah Jessica, but let’s face it:
the girl has fugly down to an art!

Sex and the City - Love To Hate It


LOL- I gotta see this movie!

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