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5 Beauty New Year’s Resolutions
Posted on January 7th, 2011

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? I generally don’t – I remember reading someplace a while ago that most get broken anyway, making us feel like a failure, so it’s better not to make them in the first place.

However, this year, I do have a list of things and habits I would like to change. Not huge stuff, just daily beauty routines that I feel could be better managed. So here goes – my list of beauty New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Wash makeup brushes weekly.

    It’s one of the things we know we should be doing, but then I often get too lazy and wash them just occasionally. But this means that each time I use a dirty brush, I deposit germs onto my face!

  2. Shampoo less often.

    I recently tried the “no-poo” trend, but felt that it didn’t work for me. However, even if I choose to shampoo, I agree with experts that daily shampooing is unnecessary (although it feels so, so good…) and that every other day is better for hair and scalp.

    Makeup Removal
  3. Get rid of old makeup.

    I’m generally very good at getting rid of stuff, but when it comes to cosmetics, for some reason I get attached to those colorful little tubes and hang on to them forever. But experts say that most makeup goes bad after six months to a year and should be tossed before it has a chance to grow bacteria.

  4. Get enough sleep.

    This should probably be number one on my list, because sleep has such profound effect not just on how I look, but also on how I feel, and on long-term health as well.

  5. Stay current with beauty and fashion trends.

    As I get older, I find that I rely less and less on seasonal trends, and more and more on my own personal preferences and style. While this is fine, I do believe that keeping at least a general knowledge of new trends is important. You never know what fabulous new idea you can get that you can incorporate into your personal style. Plus, no one wants to look outdated!

What are YOUR beauty New Year’s resolutions?

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