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Save on Beauty: 5 Things You Can Do at Home
Posted on April 22nd, 2011
5 Things You Can Do at Home

Everyone is trying to be more frugal these days. It seems as if we haven’t fully recovered from the Great Recession, at least on an emotional level. Frugality has become more acceptable – almost a trend!

There are certainly things you can do at home and save a lot. After all, while no one wants to stop having fun or to completely deny herself, if you can do something by yourself, at home, with great results and save, why not?

Here are five beauty treatments you can do at home with great results:


The steps are easy! First remove the old polish, then gently file your nails. Short and slightly rounded looks modern and fresh. Next, soak your hands in warm, soapy water to soften cuticles, apply a few dots of cuticle cream, and gently push your cuticles back using a wooden stick.

Massage hands with a rich hand lotion, wipe nails on a damp cloth, and apply a clear base coat and two coats of nail polish. When applying nail polish, start on the side of the nail and use three strokes to fully coat each nail. Follow with a topcoat.

The hardest part after a manicure is to wait a full 20 minutes until polish fully dries. Watch TV if you have to, but resist the temptation to do anything using your hands before your nail polish is completely dry.


Start by soaking your feet in a pail filled with warm water and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Next, apply a cuticle softener, then gently push back the cuticles. Use a pumice stone to remove dead skin cells from the soles of your feet, then use an exfoliating paste. Apply a moisturizing cream. Wipe your nails, apply a base coat, then two coats of nail polish and finally a topcoat.


While we generally recommend avoiding doing your own bikini line, the legs, arms if needed and underarms are definitely areas that you can tackle by yourself. Ready-to-use wax strips are very convenient. Simply warm the wax by rubbing the strips between your palms. Most products come with towelettes to use before and after waxing. Use them! The before towelettes will help cleanse skin and numb it, and the after towelttes will calm irritated skin and remove any residual wax.

A few more tips to remember: Never moisturize right before waxing. The drier skin is, the easier waxing will be. You may even use baby powder to absorb any moisture. When you pull the wax strip, always pull against the grain of the hair growth. Hold skin taught and pull close to the skin, not up and away from skin. Finally, to avoid over-irritating the skin, don’t go over the same area more than three times.


An at-home facial can feel almost as pampering and relaxing as a spa facial. Start by cleansing your skin using a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil. Next, using circular motions, gently rub in an exfoliating cream. This will help to remove dead skin cells. Now steam your face for a few minutes over a pot of gently boiling water. Apply a mask suitable for your skin type, rinse, and apply a moisturizer.

Trim Your Own Bangs

Going to the hair salon each time you need to trim your bangs can really add up. But this is absolutely something you can do at home. Here’s how: Gently grasp a section of hair between your fingers. Do not cut across your forehead horizontally with the scissors. Instead, hold small cuticle scissors vertically, and cut into the bangs, snipping no more than a quarter-inch at a time. This will result in more control and in a softer look.

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