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The Power of Accessorizing
Posted on September 4th, 2010

Continuing our recent theme of “how to look fab on a budget in this recession,” we thought we should mention the importance of accessorizing.

We all know that adding the right accessories to an outfit can make a big difference, and take an outfit from “Blah” to “Wow!” But many of us are not sure how exactly we should go about it. What accessories should we add, how much is too much, and are there any rules when it comes to accessorizing?

The short answer: there aren’t really any rules. Accessorizing an outfit is all about having fun, using your imagination and creativity. The only “rule” we can think of is that you probably don’t want to overdo it, especially when accessorizing a work outfit. Keep it simple, adding just one extra touch via a scarf or an interesting necklace, and keep in mind that for very conservative workplaces, extra creativity and flare are unfortunately not a good idea.

Ready to accessorize? Good. Let’s explore our options.


We love scarves, and we mean fashion scarves – not necessarily the scarves that you have to wear to keep warm! Scarves can be very chic, and can be worn and tied in several different ways.

Looking for specific recommendations?

Diane Von Furstenberg scarf (Bluefly)

We love this Diane Von Furstenberg orange butterfly silk jersey long scarf – it’s cute and affordable.

41448, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Thursday June 10, 2010. Kate Hudson walks to the set of her upcoming film Something Borrowed where she filmed a scene with co-star John Krasinski. Hudson, who was wearing a long, white overcoat while filming, could be seen snacking while walking to the set. Photograph:  Castro,

Kate Hudson looks so chic in her long trench coat and what appears to be a Burberry scarf.


Hats are a little trickier. While they can add lots of character and flare to an outfit, frankly not anyone can pull a hat off. It depends a lot on knowing how to wear them and what flatters your particular face shape. For many of us, there’s the issue of smeared makeup on our forehead or “hat hair” when we remove the hat. So, taking all of this into account, just go into a department store and try on their hats to get an idea of what looks best on you. Have some fun with different styles and textures and try to see if a hate might work for you.

The Hills Stephanie Pratt looks chic as she leaves the Ivy in West Hollywood, CA on July 6, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

Stephanie Pratt looks really cute in her studded hat…

42225, MALIBU, CALIFORNIA - Saturday July 3, 2010. Kendra Wilkinson flies into Los Angeles with her assistant and friend Jessica Hall, after a stay in Las Vegas. Photograph:

…but Kendra Wilkinson, in our opinion, would look prettier without her hat.

A Statement Necklace

A big, bold necklace is a great way to make a statement. It’s no coincidence they’re called “statement necklaces!” Remember that a bold necklace will look amazing when going out at night or in a casual or artistic work environment, but for a conservative office, it’s probably not your best choice.

Rachel Reinhardt necklace (Bluefly)

One of our favorite statement necklaces is this turquoise and coral multi-layered chain necklace by Rachel Reinhardt, offered at for about $107 (a bargain compared with the original price of $237).

There are of course many more accessories you can use, including handbags, bracelets, belts and gloves. Have fun experimenting!

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