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Party Clothes That Won’t Break the Bank
Posted on March 4th, 2011

Party clothes can get expensive. When you buy something for a party, you want it to look REALLY nice – and you certainly don’t want to wear the same piece twice to two different, say, office functions. So you often end up paying serious money for clothes that you seldom wear.

There IS however a way to wear fabulous party attire while saving money. Start by shopping discount retailers such as – never pay full price for designer clothes!

The next step is to purchase one or two basic, classic items, and update them each time with different accessories, such as jewelry, a belt, or a scarf.

Me? I love dresses. They are cute, feminine and very versatile. So each season I head over to Bluefly, purchase a nice, high quality, classic cut dress, then have fun with different accessories. The idea is to get a lot of mileage, so to speak, from the same item – with the help of a few inexpensive accessories.

Here are a few examples to get you started:

Party Clothes - Dress

This black stretch banded sweetheart dress by Walter is the perfect canvas for experimenting and changing up your look. At just $70, this little black dress is very affordable – and it’s so versatile! It can easily take you from day to night – wear it with a jean jacket and boots for day, then change to heels, a colorful shawl and an evening bag and go paint the town red!

Party Clothes - Dress

Another great option is this teal color, knit one-sleeve dress by Ivy. Its classic simplicity is timeless, and the sale price – $70 – makes it quite affordable, too.

Party Clothes - Scarf

We think it would look amazing with this pretty scarf by Michael Stars

Party Clothes - Neckless

Or, for a more glamorous look, try this gorgeous silver multi-layered necklace by Pianegonda

Party Clothes - Heels

and a pair of stunning heels such as these leather ‘Prissy’ platform pumps by L.A.M.B. (if you can handle the heel!)

The basic idea is to take one classic piece and update it as often as you need with fabulous, inexpensive accessories. Enjoy the party!

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