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Picking the Best Top for Your Body Shape
Posted on December 4th, 2010

Tops are fun, aren’t they? They are versatile, affordable (much more so than pants or jackets), and provide such an easy way to change up your look, have fun and experiment. A wardrobe really doesn’t need more than a few pairs of pants, a couple of skirts, and a dozen or so tops – mixing and matching will enable you to look fresh every single day.

When it comes to tops, there really aren’t any rules that you should follow. Just have fun, experiment, and remember that the basic pieces can be bought at discount stores.

One thing worth remembering is that since tops are worn right next to your face, it makes sense to pick tops in colors that are flattering to your skin tone. So, even if you found a fabulous top, but you know the color will not look good on you, it’s probably best not to buy it (unless you’re planning to wear a scarf around your neck).

It’s also a good idea to keep the general proportions of your outfit balanced. So, for example, flare pants will look great with a fitted top, while ultra skinny jeans should generally be paired with a flowy top, like Rebecca Gayheart does in the photo.

What about sleeves? Now that everything is air-conditioned, you can wear short sleeves in winter, under jackets and coats. Layering is also an option – wear a sleeveless top underneath a long-sleeve top. Of course, some of us love to show off our toned arms, while others, especially older women, feel that we should cover our upper arms. So just like so many other fashion choices, this is a very personal decision.

If we had to pick a single “DON’T” for wearing tops, it would probably be wearing a cropped top with low-rise pants. Of course, if you’re a teen you will do this intentionally 🙂 but for everyone else, short-length tops should be paired with mid or high rise pants, while low-rise pants would look best with longer tops.

45204, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Monday September 20, 2010. Rebecca Gayheart is spotted walking back to her car with an unidentified male after having some lunch at La Conversation restaurant in Los Angeles. Gayheart was wearing skinny blue jeans, a long grey sweater and purple scarf. Photograph:  Brabus,

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