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Posted on August 14th, 2010

Last week we discussed “Denim Dos,” and it got me thinking about fashion rules. Should we care about fashion rules, about Dos and Don’ts? Every time I watch the Fashion Police show, I’m thinking to myself that while gossiping is always fun, and the show is essentially about gossip, I’m not so sure I agree with the judgment they pass on how celebrities choose to dress.

38710, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Wednesday March 17 2010. Kristen Stewart rocks up to the New York premiere of The Runaways wearing a striking sequined Pucci minidress. Kristen had a little trouble with the fashion tape holding her dress up! She also commited a fashion faux pas - a sock mark!! Photograph:  Darla Khazei,
Is this an ultra-short dress, that the actress is obviously
uncomfortable in, a fashion don’t, or is it a legitimate choice?

One could argue that fashion shouldn’t be about rules. That fashion should be about self-expression, about experimenting and having fun. After all, if we all follow the same rules, then what’s the point anyway? It becomes boring and pointless. Of course, it IS possible to make fashion mistakes. Some clothes are simply inappropriate, whether because of your age, because of your body type, or because of the occasion.

But even if we accept that there are “appropriate” and “inappropriate” ways to dress, we should be very flexible in how we define “appropriate.” Fashion definitions and rules, to the extent they exist and should exist, should never be too rigid or limiting. So, for example, when we see a woman who chooses to wear a lacy black bra under her white T-shirt, instead of rushing to label her choice as a fashion faux pas, perhaps we should see it as her way of self-expression, her own sense of style. If she thinks it looks great, who are we to tell her otherwise? Same goes for visible bra straps, for very short skirts, or any other “fashion mistake” you can think of.

How do you feel about “fashion rules?” Do you think they are completely unnecessary? Do you believe that fashion rules should exist but remain very flexible? Or do you think that fashion rules are needed and are important because some people will always manage to make terrible fashion choices and look completely ridiculous or out of place if left to their own devices?

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