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Five Denim Dos
Posted on August 7th, 2010

I love jeans. I wear denim almost every day – I work from home so don’t need to wear dress clothes (thank goodness), and a cute top plus a pair of jeans are a great alternative to just staying in my pajamas the entire day. I think it’s actually important to get dressed every day even if you stay home – there’s something about staying in your pajamas that makes you lazy and less productive.

Back to jeans. As I said, I love denim and see it as a modern-day wardrobe staple. But which jean style is best? Here are a few tips for finding the best jeans for your body type and for your lifestyle:

1. You can’t go wrong with boot-cut jeans.
Boot Cut Jeans - Joe's Jeans (Macy's)

This is a classic cut that looks great on any body type. The slightly flared leg opening balances out your proportions, so whether you are pear-shaped, apple-shaped or well-proportioned, you will look great wearing boot-cut jeans.

2. A dark wash is more flattering than a light wash.
Dark Wash Jeans - Levi's Red Tab 524 (Macy's)Light Wash Jeans - Miss Me Jeans (Macy's)

It’s not that you can’t wear light wash jeans, of course, and in fact I own a couple of pairs of lighter-wash jeans. However, a dark wash is generally more slimming.

3. Well-placed pockets are a must.
Jeans Pockets 1 - Luxirie Jeans (Macy's)Jeans Pockets 2 - Apple Bottoms Skinny (Macy's)
Jeans Pockets 3 - Ramsey Straight Leg (dELiAs)

The pockets on the backside of your jeans make a difference. If they’re too small or if the placement is wrong, they will make your behind look bigger. The same is true for jeans that have no backside pockets. While I wouldn’t rule these out completely, just like light-wash jeans, it really depends on the effect you’re after. If you want your behind to appear curvy, then go for small pockets or no pockets. But if you would like to look slimmer, larger, well-placed pockets are important.

4. Balance out your look.
Skinny Jeans - Rocawear Distressed (Macy's)Wide Leg Jeans - Lauren Jeans Co. (Macy's)

If you choose skinny jeans, remember to balance them out with a long, flowy top. If you go with wide-leg jeans, a form-fitting top would be best. It’s all about balancing out your look and making your top work with the specific jean style you’re wearing.

5. A mid-rise is universally flattering.
Mid Rise Jeans - Mallory Skinny (dELiAs)

While you can definitely experiment with different rises, including a low rise and a high rise, a mid-rise is the safest choice because it looks good on all body types and with almost any kind of top. If you go with a very low rise, remember to wear a belt and a longer top, to avoid exposing too much.

Fashion is about fun and experimentation, so feel free to have fun and experiment with different denim cuts and washes. If you feel good in something, you will look good in it!

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