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Flattering Swimsuits: Yes, They Exist
Posted on May 8th, 2010

Swim season is almost here. This can be good news or bad news, depending on your outlook. When we were kids, summer was so carefree and fun, but the sad reality is that for countless women, going to the beach or to the pool is very stressful. We worry about how we’re going to look in our swimsuits, about exposing all those real – and perceived – flaws.

This is a fashion blog, so I won’t go into my usual rant about how women are too hard on themselves and how the media is filling our heads with unrealistic images of how a woman’s body should look. What I will say is this: a good swimsuit really helps. It is supportive, flattering, and keeps everything in place. So don’t despair, and don’t give up on having fun at the beach this summer, but do insist on finding a swimsuit that really, truly flatters YOU.

Tips for finding a good swimsuit
Swimsuits: Flattering

1. Universally flattering swimsuits – those that look great on any body shape – tend to have moderate coverage – so the bottom is not teeny but they also don’t look like something your grandma used to wear in the thirties.

Swimsuits: Halter Top

2. A halter-top is extremely flattering and has the added benefit of extra support for your chest.

Swimsuits: Color

3. Forget black and go with color. While black may seem like a “safe” option, a splash of color next to your face is very pretty and – especially if the bottom is dark – will also draw the eyes towards your upper body, which for most women is the best part.

Swimsuits: Right Fit

4. The right fit is extremely important. This is true for any item of clothing, and even more so for swimwear. Make sure the piece fits you well, doesn’t gape or cling, and if you need to go up a size in order to get a better fit, do it! No one is going to read the label anyway.

To find that perfect swimsuit, plan to spend at least half a day browsing and trying on suits. Don’t rush it, and don’t give up! Flattering swimsuits do exist.

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