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Posted on April 25th, 2009

Rock That Choker

Tory Necklace at

In warmer months we tend to stick to basics like jeans, flip flops, and tanks; but this blah “getup” is not fit for a fashion queen. Fortunately there is a common denominator in all the recent fashion magz, and it’s neck interest. The best accessory to flaunt in the up-coming warmer months is a bold and bright necklace. Alloy has an adorable gumball piece that works perfectly. This pop item is ideal to transform an otherwise snooze outfit into our beloved glam-mama look! In order to avoid overloading your casual fashionista ensemble keep make-up and wardrobe simple. Happy strutting!!! ($19.50)


Oh I LOVE this. Would it look good with khakis or shorts? What kind of tank top color would you suggest? Is any color will work or I should stick to white, blue, yellow, and green like on the pic?

Thanks, Gella

Comment by Gella — April 27, 2009 @ 11:07 pm

HI Gella,

Keep the tank color as basic as can be (white or pastels) in order to make the necklace pop as much as possible.

Stay away from khakis in this instance, especially if you’re wearing a light colored tank. A washed denim blue on the bottom balances the colors nicely, and completes the outfit.

Shorts are fine as long as you stay in the denim blue family.

Hope this helped you!
thanks for asking,

Comment by LOURDES :) — May 18, 2009 @ 11:31 pm

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