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Gorgeous Hair CAN Be Yours!
Posted on February 4th, 2011
Gorgeous Hair

Do you struggle with your hair? I do. I have thick, wavy, frizzy hair that I have hated ever since I can remember myself. Of course, my friends who were blessed with straight, manageable tresses (that I would kill for) envy the volume my hair has and complain endlessly about their hair too!

It seems as though women are destined to be unhappy about their hair and feel as if the grass is greener on the other side. But there are a few basic steps we can all take, regardless of our hair type, to make our hair the best it can be.

  1. Don’t shampoo every day. Daily shampooing strips your hair from natural oils, and encourages over-production of sebum, which forces you into more frequent shampooing. It’s a vicious cycle! Whatever your hair type, it’s usually fine to shampoo every other day. If your hair is thick and dry, twice a week should be perfect for you!
  2. Consider using a low-poo (low-sudsing) shampoo. These specially formulated shampoos are gentler on the hair, contain less harsh detergents and are less drying than regular shampoos.
  3. Condition only the ends. It’s generally unnecessary to condition the hair on your scalp. It will just cause it to become greasy soon after you wash it.
  4. Don’t color unless you have to. Regardless of what cosmetics companies tell you, hair color does NOT improve your hair. It damages it. Consider allowing your true colors to show – natural hair color is so beautiful! And color only if you feel that you absolutely have to.
  5. Don’t abuse heat styling. Heat styling is damaging to hair. If you can be happy with air drying your hair, by all means, do it. If you must heat style, use the lowest setting that works for your hair and try to heat style no more than twice a week (doable if you only shampoo twice a week).
  6. Use hair products sparingly, and try to avoid those that contain alcohol.

It’s very possible that most of us will never be HAPPY with our hair. But perhaps we can be HAPPIER. 🙂

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