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Graphic Tees
Posted on June 28th, 2008
The Fashion Trend Anyone Can Wear

et’s face it, most fashion trends out there just aren’t for everyone. Depending on your figure, you might not be able to pull off the “puff sleeve” blouse, or wide waist belts. It’s definitely frustrating when there’s a hot trend that you just can’t seem to wear. Well, what if I told you that there is a trend that is super “in”, available in every price range, and will look fantastic on anyone? That’s right- the graphic tee has transcended all barriers of style, price, fit, and gender to become a universal “must have” for every wardrobe.

Graphic Tee 1Graphic Tee 2Graphic Tee 3Graphic Tee 4Graphic Tee 5

Graphic tees, also called logo tees, have come a long way from vintage rock bands and 80’s cartoon characters (which are still totally awesome!) The selection of graphic artwork and images found on printed t-shirts has expanded, with some of the most popular designs being face prints, tattoo art, fleur-de-lis, wings, skulls, and clever slogans and statements – or as we like to call them: Expressions (hey, don’t miss our own growing expressions section). Available at every price point, you’ll see graphic t-shirts on everyone, from the hottest celebs to the girl sitting next to you on the train.

Celebrities in Graphic T-shirts

Versatility is yet another reason why printed t-shirts are so fabulous. A draped knit silhouette with a great printed design can be paired with skinny jeans for balance, or try a more fitted shirt with a denim mini skirt for a sexy rock look. Throw on a pair of metallic flats or a hot pair of wedges and you’re good to go! Wear a logo tee with your favorite pair of jeans and go just about anywhere in style. To get this trend for yourself, has a huge selection of fashionable printed t-shirts, tanks, and hoodies that are to die for, while Delia’s has a fun assortment of more casual logo tees at great prices.

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Another option that is growing in popularity, is making your own graphic tee. For the artistic and resourceful DIY crowd, printing your own shirt is an easy, inexpensive way to create a totally individual fashion statement. Using iron-on heat transfers to place your favorite image onto an old t-shirt from the back of your closet is a fun and creative way to express your individuality. If you’re not the hands-on creative type, but still want a custom t-shirt, head over to Customized Girl or Shirt Magic where you can upload your own iron-on transfer designs and have a one of a kind garment printed for you! They can also make unique and special gifts or favors for any occasion! And if that’s not enough, you can get these t-shirts for as little as $10!!!

If you’re looking for iron-on heat transfer designs, you can find lots of images to choose from through the Internet either free to use or for sale. Here at, we’ve recognized this rising trend and created our own library of free downloads. Visit our free fashion graphics section to chose from variety of stencil designs, cool iron-on transfers designed by our team, and funny expressions. And don’t limit yourself to just t-shirts, iron-on transfers can also transform a boring denim skirt or twill jacket into a one of a kind item!

See below for some our favorite picks!

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