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What, Wear and, How?
Posted on October 24th, 2009

How to successfully wear the hottest jean silhouettes

Just because something is “in style” doesn’t mean we should be wearing it! There are some silhouettes that I would never be caught dead in, even if “Sir Fashion Buddha” himself ordered me to wear them. When you read fashion reports, it’s crucial to pick and choose styles that flatter and balance your specific body type. Face it, we have one figure to work with and that’s it! This is the body we must love and cherish for all its glory (and mishaps). Let’s love what we have and make it even more scrumptious by dressing up! Mother-nature can be a bee-atch sometimes but she forgets that we don’t walk around naked anymore (well most of us don’t). Now, we have clothes to smooth, plump, and enhance. Let the camouflage begin!

These are the hottest jean silhouettes for this fall season:

Hottest Jeans Sillhouettes


The boyfriend jean looks a lot like your “man’s” worn in weekend jeans except for the fact that they fit you! The plus side to the female version of these pants is that there’s no unnecessary frontal package space. They are relaxed in the hips and thighs and are tapered to the ankle with a messy folded cuff.

  • This style is best for the hourglass, apple and, banana figures.
  • Wear with sky-high booties or pumps.

The skinny jean has been in style for several seasons. They are very fitted and slim from waist to ankle. Some variations have extra long inseams for an elongated look or for a scrunched ankle.

  • This silhouette is best for the curvy hourglass and the banana.
  • Wear with sky-high booties or pumps, as well as trendy ballet slippers.

The straight leg jean is a very forgiving pant. Its lines flatter and elongate every body shape. The inseams and the out seams are straight and the thigh is pretty roomy.

  • This one is great for all body types: pear, hourglass, banana and, apple.
  • Wear with low pointy pumps or boots (stay away from a heel that is too high and is too short around the toe… you may loose your shoe inside the pant leg!)


Picking the right wash is also crucial to your camo efforts. Washes also serve to create optical illusions against our frames. Depending on your shape, weight, and height; you may opt to stick to a specific denim treatment and completely stay away from others.

Dark wash:
Clean and neat – VERY SLIMMING

Acid wash:
Edgy with high contrast bleach marks
ENHANCES (makes things look bigger!)

Extra light wash:
Summery, soft, clean look
ENHANCES (makes things look bigger!)

Edgy and “worn in” look

Edgy “worn in” look – can work for everyone as long as the jean is not too tight. Keep the rips between 1 and 4 inches wide and only over your “non-special parts”! We don’t want you arrested for indecent exposure!

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