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Imitation Leather Bag/Backpack
Posted on April 4th, 2010
Jekyll and Faux Hyde
Imitation leather double-function shoulder bag/backpack

Talk about split personalities! Is it a backpack? Is it a shoulder bag? Is it Jekyll, or is this the most awesomest faux Hyde bag in the world?! This bag is stylish and practical – the best of both worlds: HOT and SMART. It can work for a college girl with book loads that fluctuate in quantity and weight on a daily basis. And it works just as well for a busy mommy who doesn’t really need both hands during her workday, but definitely needs all ten digits when she picks up the kiddies! This carryall contraption gets an A+ for look and functionality! Must buy! Your bag must be as versatile as you are!

Imitation leather double-function
shoulder bag/backpack at Esprit

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