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The Bob Haircut: Is It For You?
Posted on May 6th, 2011
The Bob Haircut: Is It For You?

When Jennifer Aniston went for a bob haircut a couple of months ago, everyone was shocked! Not sure why, after all, the famous “Rachel” cut was a bob, but I guess after so many years of wearing her hair long, it was indeed a bold move.

In case you’re feeling inspired to try a similar cut, especially now that the weather gets warmer and long hair feels like such a liability, allow us to offer the following tips before you take the plunge:

  1. Before heading to the hair salon, consider whether you want a more conservative bob hairstyle, or a choppier one. If you’re young, you can probably get away with any style. But if you’re a little older, choppier might be a better idea – it’s a younger look and you will not run the risk of looking older than you really are.
  2. Would you like a blunt one-length bob haircut, or a layered style? Similarly to the question of conservative vs. choppy, a blunt bob cut can be risky, while a layered style is softer and works almost always.
  3. What texture is your hair? A bob cut can work with any hair type, including curly, straight and wavy, but the exact type of the haircut does depend on your hair. For example, a softer, layered bob generally works best for curly hair.
  4. The shape of your face matters. For example, if your face shape is round, a choppy, slightly longer bob haircut will work best for you, while for oblong face shapes, the bob should be cut shorter than chin-length.

A bob haircut done right will fall into place effortlessly and require very little styling and maintenance. It will highlight your neck and cheekbones and can be as classy or as sassy as you want it to be!

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