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Makeup Mistakes: Part Two
Posted on July 3rd, 2010

Last week, we’ve discussed a few major makeup mistakes, including using too much makeup, using the wrong shade of foundation, and using a too-dark lip liner.

Today, we’ll discuss three more makeup faux pas:

Womans face with eyes closed and make-up

1. Using too much bronzer. This is just as bad a using too much foundation. The soft glow that a bronzer can give you is amazing – as long as you use it sparingly. A light dusting is all you need – then highlight your cheekbones a little more if you’d like.

2. Not freshening up your makeup after a long day. Even if you use a foundation primer, an eye shadow primer and long wearing lipstick, your makeup will not look fresh after eight hours. Regardless of what the commercials promise you, you SHOULD freshen up your makeup mid-day. The best way to go about it: bring a small toiletry bag with you to the office, go to the ladies’ room, remove your foundation and lipstick using makeup remover wipes, then apply a bit of moisturizer with an SPF, and reapply your makeup. This should take you five minutes, and is so worth it. No need to remove your eye makeup – just reapply eye shadow to prevent it from accumulating in creases.

3. Raccoon eyes. Our eyes produce tears, and since makeup can irritate them, they may produce even more tears after we apply eye makeup, which causes mascara and liner to run. If we also rub our irritated eyes, well, there you have it – raccoon eyes! Dark makeup smeared under your eyes is not an attractive look, so try to find makeup that won’t irritate your eyes, use waterproof mascara, and avoid using too much eyeliner.

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