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Pretty Florals for Spring
Posted on May 13th, 2011

For years, I used to shy away from florals, considering them “not my thing.” Florals seemed too sweet and girly, maybe even cutesy. I generally prefer solids. Solid colors seem less cluttered, more pulled together. I remember reading in an old magazine that Jacqueline Kennedy did not like patterns. I don’t even know if it’s true or not, but I totally related.

But tastes change, and over the years I have found myself beginning to include a few patterned clothing items in my wardrobe, including a floral sweater that I absolutely adore. It is black and form-fitting, with 3/4 sleeves and a V-neck. In other words, a very flattering cut. The sweater is adorned with large, bold, gray and white flowers. But despite being large, the flowers are delicate enough that they do not overwhelm the sweater, or the person wearing it.

I only wear this sweater with jeans, though. Wearing it with black dress pants seems too formal, not modern or funky enough. Wearing it with a patterned bottom feels like fashion suicide!

Florals can sure look dainty and feminine, but they can also look edgy and funky. It all depends on how you wear them. For example, wearing a pink floral sundress with matching pink ballet flats is very different than wearing the same dress with funky boots and a jean jacket. The “cuteness” vs. “edginess” factor also depends on the size of the flowers – tiny and delicate flowers are more traditionally feminine and not as modern as large, bold prints.

Pretty Florals for Spring

If you feel like buying something floral this season, try this ECI Print Shift Dress ($138 at Nordstrom)

The floral pattern is bold and very modern.

Pretty Florals for Spring

Another great option is this Jones New York Collection Abstract Floral-Print Sheath Dress ($105 at Bloomingdales)

The dress is definitely feminine, but in a classic, grownup sort of way. Pair it with a jean jacket and boots to tone down the femininity factor, if you wish.

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