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Recession’s Impact on Fashion
Posted on October 23rd, 2010

After three years of recession, it’s only natural that there would be SOME impact on fashion. Indeed, top retail buyers are reporting that women are now looking for true value when they shop. We won’t just buy anything – we want a quality piece at a good price, and we want something special.

LONDON - SEPTEMBER 19: A model walks the catwalk at the Margaret Howell s/s 2011 fashion show during London Fashion Week on September 19, 2010 in London, England. (Photo by Samir Hussein/Getty Images)

Tired of understated chic?
Add a splash of color
using accessories.

As it turns out, a recession is not a good time to spend money on basics. Women feel that if they are going to spend, they want a “wow” factor in return – they want something different and special. So, a piece that elicits an emotional reaction would justify spending, while a basic, “boring” piece will not.

Another way the recession has had an impact on fashion is the designs. Over the past several seasons, we’ve seen lots of beige, camels, grays and blacks. Designer logos are hidden, and the general message is that even if personally you weren’t hit that hard by the global recession, you should avoid flaunting your good fortune. Which means, sophisticated simplicity is key.

It’s not that luxury is out – people who can afford it still want luxury – but it’s now understated, or as Harpers Bazaar noted, we’re seeing a lot of “Conservative Glamour” on runways these days.

If you want a bit more “wow,” worry not – you can always add color via a few bright, well-chosen accessories, including scarves, hats and even shoes. Get creative and have some fun!

Of course, a recent article in the British Telegraph has proclaimed that the fashion world is tired of doom and gloom, and that as far as fashionistas and trendsetters are concerned, the recession is over.

I actually think this is not a bad thing. Consumer confidence greatly affects recessions. If this attitude spreads throughout society, maybe people will go back to spending, banks to lending, and the economy will finally restart.

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