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Shiny Glamour Fashion Tips
Posted on May 15th, 2009

Glitter VS. Glare

Some fashion challenges within the glamour world are scary territories to tread. An often-attacked style choice is the “reflective fabrics and embellishments” category. Various magazines and television shows continually display endless photographs of shiny fashion don’ts. They ridicule and display popular celebrities sporting embarrassing getups to important events. It’s very easy to become a fashion disaster if one tries too hard, or too little. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to you. If we do our homework and exercise a few fool proof rules, we’ll all be safe and sound from humiliation…

Fashion Tip – Shiny Don’ts

Fashion Tips - Glitter and Glare Don'ts

  • Catwoman disease – head to toe coverage in same fabric/color
  • High beam offender – super shiny cheap satin or lame
  • Indecisive diva – Too many details in one outfit (ruffles, zippers, puffs, pulls etc)
  • Indecisive diva AGAIN! – Too much jewelry, in too many places
  • Garbage bag complex – Baggy shiny and gathered
  • Stuffed sausage wannabe – Too tight
  • Streetwalker costume – Too revealing

Fashion Tip – Shiny Do’s

Fashion Tips - Glitter and Glare Do's

  • Simplicity – smooth silhouette with minimal “bells and whistles”
  • Long or short – Any length is beautiful (just don’t show your fresh Brazilian)
  • Minimalism – don’t let jewelry fight for attention; keep it minimal (sometimes NO jewelry works best!)
  • Grecian Goddess – Fitted and draped
  • Related colors – if you’re using more than one color keep it tonal or stick to one solid hue
  • Complimentary fabrics – if using two textures be sure that one has a matte quality and the other has reflective properties. Otherwise stick to one texture.

Things to keep in mind:
  • Less is more
  • Too tight is too much for shine
  • Shine adds pounds
  • Shine calls unwanted attention to areas you may want to hide

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