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3 Spring 2010 Trends That I Absolutely Love
Posted on April 10th, 2010

In the previous article, I discussed the spring 2010 fashion trends that may seem like a good idea on the runway (or on gorgeous models) but are best ignored by us, mere mortals. Today I’d like to discuss three beauty and fashion trends for spring that I love.


I freely admit that the vast majority of the clothes in my personal closet are free of any pattern. When it comes to fashion I tend to be on the slightly conservative side, and since mixing and matching patterns can be rather tricky, I prefer to just play it safe and go with solids.

However, the prints I’ve seen on the runways for this spring are so pretty and feminine that they have inspired me to be just a little more daring and try at least one printed item this season. Since most of the other items in my closet are so demure, mixing and matching should be easy!

A Flirty Eyeliner
A Flirty Eyeline

I don’t normally use eyeliner at all – I find it difficult to apply correctly. For my eye makeup, I tend to just apply some black mascara. But this beauty trend looks fun – and with the right technique, it can really make your eyes pop out. So I intend to give it a try – in fact, I am going out tonight and totally plan on using eyeliner. I do plan on making things a bit easier by using a pencil rather than liquid eyeliner, which is far trickier to apply.

The Monotone Look
The Monotone Look

There’s something so sophisticated and grownup about wearing the same shade allover. The monotone look is a big trend for spring 2010. I absolutely love this look! It’s very flattering too because it tends to elongate your figure. Make it more wearable by choosing a color that’s not too bright, and by pairing this look with subtle-colored accessories such as beige or black shoes and handbag.

This is going to be fun. Sometimes I think that the best thing about the seasons changing is having an excuse to buy new clothes!

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