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7 Spring Fashion Trends You Can Actually Wear
Posted on May 20th, 2011

“How can anyone be expected to actually wear this on the streets?” We often gasp as we look at the designs shown on a typical fashion show. Of course, we all realize that fashion is just as much about fantasy as it is about designing wearable clothes. But it’s always nice to identify fashion trends that are not just fabulous and inspiring, but are also wearable. Here are a few current fashion trends that we definitely intend to adopt:

  1. Slinky seventies dresses. We love those! They are feminine, pretty, sexy – and depending on the cut, totally appropriate for a night out on the town (although most definitely not for work).
  2. High-waist flare jeans. Love those, and much prefer them to impossible-to-look-good-in (for the average gal) skinnies. Wear them with platform shoes and with a cropped, or a tucked-in top, for a long and lean look.
  3. Platform shoes. They’re fun to wear, and easier on your feet than regular high heels or pointy toed shoes. Platforms and wedges make you appear tall and lean and elongate your legs, and they go perfectly with those flare jeans!
  4. Trench dresses. Combining trench coats with sheath dresses, this trend is perfect for work (pair it with pumps though, not with platforms!). The look is sleek, pulled-together and very sophisticated.
  5. Color blocks. A tribute to the sixties, these bold patterns are very easy to pull off, especially if you pair them with something neutral. So, for example, if you’re wearing a color block top, pair it with jeans, or with white trousers, and you’re good to go.
  6. All white outfits. The spring/summer cousin of the fall/winter all-black outfit, an all-white outfit is just as easy to pull off, and always looks sophisticated and glam.
  7. Mixed prints. This one will require a bit more caution, but the secret to pulling it off is to stick with a single color palette as you mix and match various textures and patterns.
7 Spring Fashion Trends You Can Actually Wear

Ella Moss ‘Dawn’ Colorblock Racerback Tank, $86 at Nordstrom

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