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Striped Fashion
Posted on July 5th, 2009

Stripes vs Strapped

Many of us don’t know until it’s too late (when the horrid party pictures are cc’d to the entire universe) that we shouldn’t have worn that striped dress. “But it looked so cute on the model” you say. Well, most of us are unaware of the illusions some patterns create against our figures. Some illusions are awesome and save us money vs plastic surgery… Others are horrendous, disastrous and should be punishable by 30 years to life, at least!

DON’TS FOR ALL: Too tight, too busy, distracting,
too long (zebra effect)

Stripes - Don'ts for All

DO’S FOR ALL: Simple, clean cuts, easy on the eyes,
curve flattering drapes and shapes

Stripes - Do's for All

Horizontal: H-stripes are too common in all the wrong places. The most common offender is the long basic “T”. Let it be known that this direction will emphasize and add volume to the area it covers. So don’t blindly throw just any H-stripe over just any booty. Basically, it works great over the bust but terrible over a belly. What an imperfect world we live in, huh?

Vertical: Ahhhh… the elongated V-stripe. It’s very slimming, so if you’re already thin, have a burger and stay away from the Vertical-stripe. For curvier girls this direction works great on dresses pants and skirts.

Diagonal: Is the only hourglass you own, an actual glass object with sand in it? Well, diagonal stripes will work wonders for you, they create the illusion of curves!

Mitered: Can you say instant lipo-suction? A mitered V shape over a belly is ridiculously slimming! Looks hot on anyone!

Mixed directions: This idea can work wonders on a boyish figure. Find a piece that draws flattering lines over your girly bumps to accentuate, enhance and slim.

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