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Super High Heels: What’s The Deal With Those?
Posted on May 29th, 2010
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This is NOT a rant against high heels. High heels are gorgeous – they make your legs appear longer and your ankles slimmer. High heels force you to walk like a lady! – Which is a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your point of view – but they are definitely very feminine. They look amazing with a pencil skirt!

What I don’t like is the way high heels seem to be inching up. 4-inch heels used to be considered high, but many young women today see them as quite conservative and wear them every single day to work.

At night, when they go out, they wear five or even six-inch heels, which to me seems insane! I don’t think they even used to make crazy high heels a decade ago (although I could be wrong of course) – at least not as something that women were actually expected to wear. (Fetish shoes – now that’s something else).

Extremely high heels are of course very uncomfortable. They are also very damaging to women’s feet, knees and backs. But even if all you care about is how you look, consider this: do you really look sexy when you’re in pain, or when you can’t walk? Unless you’re a pro, you would likely find it very difficult to walk steadily or gracefully on 5-inch heels. And pro or not, they will be very painful if you wear them for longer than an hour.

So before you purchase a pair of super-high heels, make sure they won’t ruin your evening – and your health.

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I think you’re right that five and six inch heels haven’t been in the mainstream until quite recently. This NYTimes article sort of explains why in that designers didn’t have the technology to go higher until now:

Though the five and six inch heels tend to have a hidden and/or double platform, so in terms of comfort they feel more like 4-inchers. Despite the “comfort”, still definitely not meant for the office. But for a night out it’s hard to beat the look of a pair of YSL TribToos ( or Louboutin Alti 160s ( with a little black dress. 🙂

Comment by Alexandra — June 9, 2010 @ 2:33 pm

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