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Fashion Question of the Month: Will You Wear Something That’s “Out of Style” If You Love It?
Posted on April 17th, 2010

The other day I was reading a fashion forum, and one of the members posted a question that I found very interesting. She said something like “last year I bought all these pretty maxi dresses that I really love, but now it looks like minis are back – can I still wear my maxi dresses or are they now considered completely out of style?”

I thought that this was a really interesting topic. Certainly, one of the things I love most about fashion is that it enables us to reinvent ourselves every season. We get inspired by designers’ creations and by their creativity to try new things, to mix it up, to be just a little daring. And you know, trying new styles and changing up our look – those are great things. They reflect on our mood and make us feel better, bolder, and ready for anything.

Fashion is inspiring.

Will You Wear Something That's Out of Style If You Love It?

However, one of my least favorite aspects of fashion is that when creating those new trends, old trends are pushed to the side and are often considered outdated and even in some cases become a fashion faux pas.

Of course, this stems at least partly from the fact that fashion is an industry and that people involved in fashion need to make money! They HAVE to give us reasons to go and buy new stuff. But when the message is not just “buy new stuff because the new designs are so fun and pretty and inspiring” but also “if you don’t buy new stuff and keep wearing your old clothes you will look ridiculous” – that’s when fashion becomes not just inspiring, but also limiting.

Personally, I wear what I feel looks best on me – regardless of fashion trends. Sure, fashion trends are fun and I tend to buy a couple of new pieces almost every season, but I have a basic wardrobe that is classic and timeless and has nothing to do with trends or with being trendy. Which is why I can wear the same items year after year (I take good care of my clothes so they last!)

To answer the original question, my opinion is that if you truly love a clothing item and feel that it flatters you and makes you feel great, then by all means, wear it – regardless of current fashion trends.

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