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Posted on August 21st, 2009

True Love

Bohemian Scarf at Alloy.comDress for Your Body Type

Some loves in our lives hang around for just one season, while others cling to our “day to day” like scum to the bottom of our shoes. But every now and then, something truly special comes along, and we fall madly in love! This amazing creature just happens to look good with everything in your closet. It makes you feel cozy and safe from the ever-changing and critical fashion world. It can be something like a shady fedora hat, big dark granny sunglasses or, this multi colored “wear it with everything, all year round” scarf!

It’s lightweight enough to wear in the summer (air conditioning can get cold brrrrr; jackets are too bulky to lug around) and the colors are muted enough to wear in the fall. You’ll also have a blast playing with the colors in the weave. Try it with a teal top on Monday, then with purple skinnys on Tuesday, and so on…

True love is a commitment we make with ease. Commit to this smart scarf today, no pressure 🙂

Bohemian Scarf at ($16.90)

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