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Workout Clothes That Don’t Look Frumpy
Posted on February 11th, 2011
Workout Clothes

As much as fashion is important to us, we do acknowledge that when you’re working out, your number one priority should be comfort. When you head to the gym, you should be wearing clothes that are stretchy, that will not limit your movements, and that are made of a breathable, moisture wicking fabric.

Having said that, no one wants to look frumpy in her gym attire! And no one has to. There are plenty of options out there when it comes to fashionable, flattering workout clothes, and many of them are not even that expensive – as long as you shop discount retailers or wait for sales.

A few basic rules to follow:

  1. Try to avoid pants with elasticized cuffs. Unless you’re long and lean, they will visually shorten your legs. Instead, opt for the sleek, elongating silhouette of a slight boot cut. For example, we like these black jersey yoga pants by Skin at Bluefly but would have loved them even more if they were full-length, as this would be more elongating.
  2. Sweatpants are tricky. Yoga pants are better. Sweatpants are often more bulky than yoga pants and they often have a drawstring waistband and an elasticized cuff. As a general rule (and there ARE exceptions to this rule), assume that sweatpants will not be flattering. These fleece sweatpants at Old Navy, for example, are really cute, but are regretfully not the best choice for many of us – especially if we have a heavier bottom part.
  3. The right fit is important. This is of course true for any clothing item, whether active wear or not, but when it comes to gym clothes, we sometimes tend to wear clothes that are either too loose and big, in an attempt to be comfortable, or we may opt for clothes that are too tight, trying to look fab. But the best way to look fab is to wear the right size for you!
  4. Dark is slimming. Another universal truth that works well for gym attire. So if you’re pear shaped, it’s a good idea to wear dark bottoms and bright tops, and if you’re apple shaped, try dark tops and colorful bottoms. These yoga pants by Old Navy are absolutely fabulous for anyone trying to visually slim down her bottom half.

    It’s best not to spend too much on workout clothes. Frequent washings mean that they will need to be replaced often, so stick with affordable basics.

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