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The Challenges of Online Shopping for Clothes

How to buy clothes online? With caution!

A likely scenario: You browse through a website and fall in love with a pair of pants. You order the pants, and when they arrive you eagerly try them on. On the model, they looked great. Nice cut, elongated legs, flat tummy. On you, they look awful. The behind is too baggy but the thighs are tight. You look huge! They cling to your body in all the wrong places. How can it be?


Mom Jeans? I Think I’ll Pass
Posted on August 5th, 2011
Mom Jeans

I’m a mom. I have two kids. I even drive them to after-school activities, which quite possibly makes me a soccer mom.

I also have long hair, and wear designer jeans.

It’s interesting that women are often expected to, or maybe we expect it of ourselves, to adjust our fashion sense as we become moms. It’s as if we should forget about “me” and immerse ourselves in taking care of our kids, to the point that we don’t care anymore about fashion.


Staying Safe in the Sun
Posted on July 22nd, 2011
Staying Safe in the Sun

You probably know by now that there is no such thing as a “healthy tan.” But just in case, since we see so many of you sunbathing despite all the dangers, we thought we’d remind you – and ourselves (hey, the temptation is there) why getting a suntan is a bad idea.


Bikini Body

It’s June, so it can’t be a huge surprise that magazines are bombarding us with headlines such as “Bikini Body in Ten Days!” “Bikini Body Countdown” and more of these “get-a-perfect-body-now” type headlines.

We all want to look good in a swimsuit, and the sad reality is, most of us feel at least somewhat dissatisfied when we look at ourselves in a full-length mirror.

You know what? Maybe it’s time to redefine what “bikini body” means to us. When we think about “beach readiness,” most of us think about a lean, tanned body, washboard abs, not a single ounce of unwanted fat, not to mention the dreaded cellulite! »» READ MORE »»