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Three Little Black Dresses Under $100
Posted on June 24th, 2011

Three Little Black Dresses Under $100

I can’t believe we haven’t discussed little black dresses on this blog yet! After all, no self-respecting fashion blog can possibly avoid this topic. 🙂 Seriously though, there’s a reason little black dresses are such a classic item. They are EASY.

If you have a couple of LBDs in your closet, you will always have something to wear – for a business function, a cocktail party, anything really, even a casual affair, because you always have the option of dressing down a little black dress by pairing it with, say, a jean jacket and boots.

There are several types of little black dresses. A LBD can be flirty, sexy, sweet, or elegant. It doesn’t hurt to have a couple of them in your closet, one classic and one more flirty/sexy. This way you will truly be prepared for any occasion. »» READ MORE »»

We’ve said it many times before: we don’t think you need to spend big bucks in order to look good. Sure, having an unlimited fashion budget is great – who wouldn’t want that? But since most of us do have a limited budget, the goal is obviously to dress well for less.

Summer is a great season for wearing dresses. It’s really one of the easiest items to wear, and if you live in a hot, humid climate, you’ll appreciate the ease and simplicity of wearing a summer dress. Here are a few pretty, flirty, affordable summer dresses that we absolutely love: »» READ MORE »»

Great Skin, At Any Age
Posted on May 27th, 2011
Retro Swimsuits

Of course our skin ages as we get older. It’s an inevitable process that one must accept. Still there are many factors that contribute to how our skin looks, that are very much in our control. It seems to me that the best way to deal with aging is to be as kind to my skin as I can, and beyond that – let nature take its course. But there’s no need to act in a way that will cause premature aging and wrinkling!

Once in a while there’s an article that shows sets of identical twins and how they age differently depending on their lifestyles. It’s always a powerful reminder that while genetics play a major role in how we age, lifestyle and life choices play an important role too.

So what can you do to make sure your skin looks the best it can look, at any age? »» READ MORE »»

“How can anyone be expected to actually wear this on the streets?” We often gasp as we look at the designs shown on a typical fashion show. Of course, we all realize that fashion is just as much about fantasy as it is about designing wearable clothes. But it’s always nice to identify fashion trends that are not just fabulous and inspiring, but are also wearable. Here are a few current fashion trends that we definitely intend to adopt: »» READ MORE »»